The Best Dog Care Advice You’ll Find, From Experts

adult beagle walking on grass field
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Feeding and nutrition

You might think your dog’s food is nutritious, but it’s best to ask a vet to check. Meat, grains, vegetables, and water are the best choices. Follow their recommended feeds with a little something from their favorite food, treats, or chew toys. The nutritious food and treats your dog needs will not only keep his coat shiny and full, but they’ll also help him stay fit and prevent health problems like weight gain and obesity. Take care with weight gain. Dogs don’t have any mercy for their weight. Even a little weight gain can be hazardous to your dog. Too much fat around the waist, neck, and joints can cause obesity. Obesity also causes arthritis and can shorten your dog’s life. Avoid feeding a high protein diet as your dog can get belly, skin, and ear infections.


You must walk your dog. You should walk your dog, and walk your dog with your dog. The earlier your dog becomes accustomed to the idea of a walk, the better it will be for your dog. Making sure your dog gets a good amount of exercise makes sure they don’t become lethargic and fatter. Exercise is important for your dog’s mental and physical health. For this, you need to let your dog have some walks regularly. Dogs can get a little fussy if they are confined in the house all the time. This is because being bored will make them irritable and a nuisance to others. Don’t let your dog become a housebound dog if you can help it. Your dog’s physical condition also depends on how much he gets exercise. Proper exercise will make your dog’s joints and muscles function optimally.

Health care

Puppies require careful attention from their moms. (Photo Courtesy of Nikki Mitchell) From your dog’s ears to their eyes, they need to be well cared for to grow healthy. In addition to regular vet appointments, your dog should be going to a vet at least once a year to get an updated health assessment, and to have their vaccines updated. To help prevent ear infections, make sure they are regularly checked for ear mites. For extra protection, clip their nails and brush their teeth regularly. Take your dog to the vet if they have a fever or has a dental or surgical problem. Because vaccinations are important to maintaining good health, it’s important to have your dog up-to-date. If you see an unusual lump or growth, like a tumor, talk to your vet about it.


Giving your dog the time and patience he or she needs to understand what you are asking of them is essential. Your dog will develop an understanding of what you want them to do, and by building this understanding, they will be able to do what you ask much more reliably. How to get your dog to stop chasing your neighbors’ cat, for example. Training is a fun and rewarding activity, but patience and perseverance is the key to success. A well-trained dog is less likely to bark at the mailman or hide in the house whenever you return from work. And having a well-trained dog also means you can take them on long walks or bike rides. Food Unlike humans, whose daily requirements for nutrients increase throughout the day, your dog’s daily requirements decrease.


Perhaps the most important of the four key aspects of dog care, dog toys are an important part of your dog’s wellbeing. The best toys provide a range of benefits including giving your dog a fun physical outlet, chewing motivation and helping with training. Popular dog toys Puppy Life by Nylabone This is one of the best-selling toys in the world. This tug-of-war toy uses suction cups to create tug-of-war dynamics that make for hours of fun. With 350 squeakers per toy, this toy can last for years. Dogster by Kong Using Kong’s patented Lifter design, this is a great toy for hard to squeak toys like squeaky toys. It easily lifts an item into your dog’s mouth and holds onto it securely. This is a very popular toy with over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Dogs do not come with a manual and you will often run into situations where you need to be creative in finding the solution. Here are the best tips you can find on caring for your dog. Hopefully, the advice you’re reading will help you enjoy your dog’s presence a lot more and give you a lot more sleep at night!