Safe Ways To Exercise Puppies

golden retriever lying on green grass
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Why exercise is important

You and your dog likely have a very special bond that goes beyond the bond that you share with other humans. To keep your dog happy and healthy, you need to make sure he’s as active as possible. The health benefits of regular exercise can include Improves physical and mental health Improves cardiovascular health Enhances mental and physical coordination Promotes weight maintenance And keeps your dog physically and mentally fit However, you’re probably aware of how beneficial regular exercise can be for your body and mind. The same is true for your dog. Regular exercise, like walking, should be part of your dog’s daily routine.

Ideas for indoor activities

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Things to remember

Before you begin any exercise, make sure your dog is warm enough. It’s also a good idea to exercise your dog inside since the exercise may tire your dog out. With a blanket, a comfy chair, or a roomy crate, all you have to do is ensure your dog is warm and comfortable. First off, focus on doing short bursts of exercise. It’s best to do short bursts of exercises like lunges, push-ups, and squats that your dog can manage with one paw. To get your dog going, there are two easy ways to do this exercise. One, get your dog to run back and forth around the room with you. This exercise will tire your dog out quickly because it involves short bursts of exercise with frequent breaks in between. The second way to get your dog to exercise is to bribe them with treats.

Safety precautions

If you want to play in your own yard or on your own property, it’s important to take care to keep your dog safe. It’s best to avoid exercising your dog on muddy, sloppy surfaces, which can cause a dog to slip and fall. Use a high-quality yard for dogs, or only allow them to exercise outside when it’s not muddy, so that they don’t roll in mud or get into another dog’s poop. If your dog is young and does not understand how to walk on a leash, it’s best to avoid using leash walks on such surfaces, but rather play in a large yard. For older dogs that might still enjoy chasing squirrels and other furry playmates, it’s important to be careful about any under-foot hazards, like rocks, large logs, or holes.


Keeping a pet active and healthy does not have to be a hassle. Make an effort to have your pooch engaged with physical exercise on a daily basis. In addition to getting your dog out for playtime, make sure they’re getting plenty of mental stimulation as well. It’s a lot easier to keep on top of exercise when your dog is active.