How to Keep Your Dog Active Safe Ways to Exercise Your Dog

What causes your dog to get lazy

Not everyone believes in hitting your dog with a bat or punishing him for bad behavior. However, while hitting your dog with a bat may seem harsh, it can keep him from becoming overly aggressive or over-anxious about other dogs, while also teaching him about limits. Punishment and beating your dog may also create further behaviors that can lead to him being less focused and engage in more risky behaviors, as it should, but this method can also leave your dog anxious and overly defensive. If punishment or beating doesn’t work, you may have to find a different solution. In addition to a physical deterrent, some methods that may be effective to prevent your dog from becoming lazy are Exercise that requires your dog to be awake and moving, like walking.

Make your own indoor agility course

Do you need an activity that will keep your dog moving If you’re looking for a great way to keep your dog engaged productively, a simple indoor activity such as this indoor agility course would certainly fit the bill? It will keep your dog moving and engaged in a simple but stimulating activity that she can do on her own. Remember, any activity should be motivating and should not put your dog in unnecessary physical distress. While your dog is in the zone, she can get a huge sense of accomplishment and often comes away very proud of her accomplishments. A lot of dogs also love the excitement of finding the obstacle and taking an immediate right or left turn. It’s a great way to keep her mind active while doing something physical.

Have some fun with interactive toys

Toys are a great way to keep a dog’s mind and body engaged. You can use a variety of toys to keep your dog interested. Using toys is especially good in the winter since it means you don’t have to carry a huge pile of dog toys in your car to keep your dog occupied. You can buy or make special toys for specific tasks, such as fetch, chew, tug, or tricks, which keeps the dog interested as they work on specific activities. Keep your dog socialized There is a reason dogs are such social creatures and this has to do with how they socialize. You can bring your dog to a variety of environments, from local dog parks and dog walks to training and even dog playgroups to make sure your dog is getting in plenty of social interaction.

Get creative and make a game out of fetch

Fetch is a fun, easy-to-learn and play exercise for dogs. As with many games, there are many variations of this activity. According to The Bichon Frise Club of North America, you can toss a ball in the air, practice your recall, or simply just encourage your dog to jump in the air when it’s thrown a toy. Play hide-and-seek When it comes to a game of hide-and-seek, some dogs might be more adept at this game than others, but playing hide-and-seek with your dog is still an easy way to get some exercise while you get your own dose of playtime in. Keep it simple and fun by letting your dog hide your tennis ball in your living room or keep it in your bedroom. Start with a toy or two and gradually work up to larger, more difficult items.


Winter can seem long and miserable for both dogs and people, but there are plenty of simple ways to keep your dog in shape when it’s cold outside. Use these tips to keep your dog healthy and happy during the colder months.