Five Easy Ways to Make Your Dog’s Life Easier

white short coated dog
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Make them feel secure

Properly securing our dogs can be both a financial and logistical task. Up-to-date microchipping, a reliable dog door, and a bell collar help assure that our dogs can get out of the yard safely and quickly if necessary. Make sure your dog has sufficient shelter in cold weather (some dog breeds, like the Bernese mountain dog, may need to go outside even when the temperature is well below freezing), which reduces the risk of frostbite and hypothermia. And don’t forget leashes and well-worn harnesses. Help their hearing If you have any concerns about your dog’s hearing, get it checked by a professional. Pets’ hearing can deteriorate as they get older, and deaf pets may have a hard time hearing those outside their immediate family.

Keep them active

Dogs need to be engaged and exercised regularly. It’s easier to get them to move around if we get them on the leash to take them for a walk, or if we go on a long jog with them. However, if you have multiple dogs, you can exercise them individually, by taking them to the park, down the street, or down the block. Put on some music and a song that they like (I’m sure our dogs would love Must Be An Angel by Mariah Carey) and go for a jog. Take them for a picnic sitting outside at a picnic table, relaxing, just watching the world go by, can be relaxing for humans and dogs alike. Plus, dogs love food! Plan an overnight picnic, taking a walk in the morning, and then enjoying a picnic lunch at the park or a friend’s house.

Give them love and affection

It’s the most effective way to make them happy. Just a simple tail wag, a gentle pat on the head, or a warm nose in the back of the neck can make them instantly content. It’s also important that we treat them as humans – which means feeding them the right diet, providing fresh water and plenty of exercises. Additionally, giving our pets proper socialization ensures that they’ll be fit and healthy when we’re gone. Get rid of some of their things We all know that dogs love to be as close to us as possible. Unfortunately, this closeness often comes at the expense of the vacuum cleaner, dust mop, and other common household items. Keeping these things out of sight and out of mind encourages us to appreciate them more.

Keep their teeth clean

Dogs with dirty teeth have a harder time gnawing and tearing their chew toys. For this reason, you should not feed your dog anything other than human-grade pet foods (vegetarian and gluten-free). If you have a hard time sticking to a particular brand, use a dryer sheet (such as PetFlesh Organix All-Natural Deodorant Pet Towels, $11.88) as a treat (you can even use a human deodorant as a base for the treat). Oral care products such as PetzLife’s K9® Clean or GerTech Oral Care Pups® Detox Kit are also useful for dogs who suffer from a plaque or tartar buildup. Your dog’s oral care regimen is probably best managed by a veterinarian, but these dental products can help you to maintain their health.

Give them a new toy every once in awhile

A new toy is a nice change of pace for dogs who are bored with their usual collection. Dogs are amazingly resilient creatures, so the simple act of trying a new toy can send their spirits soaring. If your dog is still overweight, a trip to the groomer is a great motivator for weight loss. Create safe places for your dog to hang out When in a strange environment, it’s easy for dogs to get lost or distracted from their primary objective of keeping you safe. Create safe places for your dog to rest, stand or play, including hiding places in the house, where dogs can be safely contained and distracted from the places you don’t want them to go. Buy them a special treat every once in a while It’s the thought that counts.