5 Things That Will Make Your Dog’s Day

short coated tan dog
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Get them a new toy

Who doesn’t love a brand new toy? A new, squeaky toy or chew toy is like a new friend for your dog. Not only does your dog get to experience the joy of play with a new toy, but you get to experience the joy of seeing them enjoy playing. Start them out slow Rather than overwhelm your dog with a constant stream of new toys or chew toys, ease into the new habit of having new toys. You can get into the habit of cleaning out your dog’s toy box every week or so and getting new toys whenever they look pretty sad. You can also use fresh-smelling trash bags (this removes odors from the toys, giving your dog new things to get excited about) and fresh-from-the-dryer shredded paper to freshen their toys up, as well as buy the toys in bulk at Costco. Train them to sit It’s simple, really.

Give them a new treat

Research has shown that dogs do well with sweet treats — it boosts their feelings of pleasure. When treats are the predominant source of nourishment, however, we must help dogs avoid overconsumption of calories, which can reduce their overall energy levels. If treats are the only meal for the day, make sure they’re healthy, healthy-looking and provide them with all the nutrients they need. Play! Dogs are pack animals, and they need human companionship to feel safe and content. They also like interacting with other dogs, which boosts their social life, too. Finding suitable dog-friendly parks and dog-friendly neighborhoods is important to fostering a positive dog-human interaction.

Take them on a walk

Going for a walk can be a social exercise and a great way for dogs and their humans to connect. “If your dog needs that companionship and interaction, taking the dog for a walk is a good way for everyone to get to know each other better, and this can lead to a better bond,” notes Meghan Butters, a professional dog trainer and the owner of A Working Dog in Fort Collins, Colorado. “Walk your dog if you’re having an emotional crisis, just as much as if you’re just going for a long walk to get fresh air.” If your dog doesn’t go for walks, try training her in other ways to get out and exercise. “Some dogs would rather play fetch or tug of war or roll over and shake than get on a leash and go for a walk,” adds Butters. Also, always remember that walking doesn’t have to be an all-out sprint.

Let them sleep in the bed with you

Obviously, this is not a good idea if you have health issues. Otherwise, get a dog that doesn’t shed, won’t soil the bed, and is potty trained. When they sleep with you, they take the warmest spot, causing you to wake up and smother them, causing a huge jump in the blood pressure, a running nose, and no time for that morning cup of tea. Make your dog a backyard couch Even though you live in a two-story house, chances are that your dog likes to sleep on the ground. They want to be outside playing and rolling around. Why not take advantage of this? Let them do just that! Instead of letting them lay on your lounge chair, why not have them lay on the ground? If you go to bed at the same time as them, you’ll wake up with an adorable doggy friend sleeping on top of you.

Play with your dog every day

It’s hard to argue with the premise that a dog lives for the moment. Whether it’s a simple game of fetch or something more elaborate, like taking them for a walk in the park or a lengthy run through the woods, dogs need to feel safe and in a playful state. Remember, dogs need to release energy from doing repetitive and unnatural behaviors like barking or the obsessive need to mark their territory. Dogs love to play and enjoy the feeling of having a task, such as finding and retrieving their toys. It’s a natural reaction for them to want to have the opportunity to do it again and again. Play is a key component of an animal’s mental and physical health and enjoyment of life.