10 Facts Concerning Chow Chow Dog Breed.

Chow Chow top 10 facts that towel child dog breed has a proud independent personality with an eye catching look that some compared to a cat. If you’re looking for a cuddle, buddy, this isn’t the breed for you that can be aloof and afraid of strangers. If they feel safe and loved by their partner then can be a very loyal partner. 


One of the most ancient dog breeds. The chow chow has long been thought to be one of the most ancient dog breeds and genetic testing has confirmed this. The ancient breed is believed to have originated in Mongolia and northern China then move south with Mongolia’s nomadic tribes. pottery and paintings from the Han Dynasty include early depictions of dogs that resemble the chow chow 206 bC 222 ad, one Chinese Emperor is said to have kept 2500 pairs of towels as hunting dogs. In addition to hunting, the dogs were used to protect their owners belongings.

The name of Chow Chow

In China, the breed was known as the black tongue dog, wolf dog, Lang, Gao, bear dog, schandau and Canton dog . The Tale of how he came to be known as the chow chow is interesting. In the late 18th century, British merchants included some of the bear like dogs in their cargo, the name chow chow was given to a variety of species, including dogs, and it stuck.


Strangers are uninteresting to them. Chow Chow’s personality has been defined as a reserved, independent, dignified, intelligent and stubborn, similar to that of a cat. Despite his scowl a healthy child should never be rude or shy. Chows are usually quiet and don’t get into mischief. strangers are uninteresting to them unless they enter the child’s home without permission, in which case the Trespasser will be confronted. Strangers on the other hand, would be able to reach him if one of his owners introduces them to him. If a chow chow be safe and relaxed as an adult, he must be thoroughly socialized as a child, which includes exposure to new people, pets and situations.


An impressive looking breed. Sometimes you may think a well-raised or well-bred Chow is somehow mean or ill tempered because of how he looks, but in fact he isnt aggressive, the chow has the devotion and the loyalty of a dog, the droolness of a panda, the grace and independece of a cat and the nobility of a lion. The chow chow is a beautiful looking breed with deep set eyes. He is still dignified and was once kept in Imperial Chinese Kennels.


Never hit this dog while training. A quick verbal correction is normally enough to get the chow chow back on track when it comes to training. It’s never a good idea to hit a dog. But it’s especially bad with this breed. Chow, who is fiercely self reliant and proud will never respond violently. You’ll have no trouble teaching him if you gain his confidence by being consistent. While chows are reasonably easy to housebreak crate training is highly recommended. crate aid and house training and deter your child from chewing on your personal items while you’re away. However, a crate is a weapon, not a cage. So don’t keep your child in it for long periods of time.

Capable of understanding everything

you can tell them the safest place to get a Chow is right next to you, Chows are more than capable of understanding everything you can tell them and typically only a verbal connection is needed to correct them. You won’t have any trouble teaching him if you gain his confidence as a puppy by being strict and consistent. However, if you let the adorable puppy have his way all of the time and then tried to teach him you’re bound to have issues.

Time investment

Chow chow shed A lot in the spring and summer to keep the coat in good condition and prevent loose hair from falling on your clothes and furniture, cleaning your chow chow three times a week. Since Chow chows shed a lot in the spring and in the summer, they need special grooming. The fur does not have a doggy odor if it is cleaned on a daily basis. Brushing includes a medium course to stainless steel Greyhound comb, a medium sized slicker brush for the legs. A medium pin brush for the longer body hair and a spray bottle of diluted coat conditioner for misting the coat while brushing. The hair in a dry coat will break if it is brushed. You’ll miss matsand Tangles if you don’t clean all the way down to the skin.

Best home

They are happy with opposite gender dogs. If raised with children, town Chows will get along with them. But they are not rough and tumble dogs who will put up with a lot of teasing from a young child. Chow excel in families with older children who are familiar with dog treatment. To prevent biting or ear pulling on either hand, teach children how to approach and touch your chow and supervise all interactions between dogs and young children. chows that have been properly socialized and trained get along with other dogs and cats but particularly if they are introduced to them as puppies. They’re more effective when working with dogs with the opposite gender, but they can also fight for dogs at the same gender.


May develop diseases in the early two years. Chow chows are usually healthy dogs, but they like all breeds can develop health problems. While not all chows will contract any or all of these illnesses, it is important to be aware of them if you’re thinking about getting one find a successful breeder who can show you health clearances for both your puppies parents if you’re buying a puppy health clearances demonstrated a dog that has been screened for and cleared of a specific disease, health clearances from the orthopaedic foundation for animals and for hips and the canine eye registry foundation serve certifying that the eyes are natural should be used in chows does not provide health permits to dogs under two years of age, because certain health problems will not appear until they are fully mature. Look for a breeder who waits until the dogs are two or three years old before breeding them. Number eight cost factor in chow chow has expenses. The dog is expensive to buy but the expenses of keeping a chow chow don’t stop there that will cost you about $900 to get your own chow chow. The medium dogs average grooming expenses $90 chow chows have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years with annual healthcare cost of $11,000.